Online shop Terms of Use

General rules

  1. The following Terms of Use define the rules of using the website (the Internet Shop), including the rules of conclusion and execution of sale contracts via the web site. The Terms of Use apply to the products bought exclusively via the web site.
  2. The web site is run by: Projekt Karma Sp. z o.o., Kaszów 528, 32-060 Liszki, NIP: 9442262799, REGON: 38236803700000, Tel: +48 507 300 509; +48 601 069 649, E-mail: (hereinafter referred to as “Project Karma”).
  3. Internet Shop can only be used by those who have fully accepted the Terms of Use and are committed to adhere to all the principles stated in the Terms of Use. The customers are required to read the Terms of Use before placing orders. Placing an order is equivalent to agreement to the regulations stated in the Terms of Use.
  4. Any complaints concerning the service provision arising from the ignorance or non-compliance with the Terms of Use shall not be taken into account.

Information on products

  1. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the photos of the products presented on the web site may slightly differ from those products when they are delivered. Such difference is an integral part of the character of gastronomy services.
  2. The information concerning the products, particularly the ingredients, grammage and sell by date can be found on the packaging.

Taking orders / concluding contracts

  1. Internet shop takes orders via The information placed on the website does not constitute an offer which is defined by the civil code but it is solely an invitation to negotiating.
  2. Project Karma reserves the right to change the products that are offered on the web site as well as their price and to conduct and cancel any kind of promotion events and sales. The customer is bound by the price given to each product starting the moment their order has been accepted by Project Karma.
  3. To place an order you need to:
    1. log in the Internet shop or you can use the option of placing an order without registration
    2. select a product you are interested in and next click the Add to cart button (or any equivalent button available)
    3. choose where the product will be delivered: you can select a suitable collection point or home delivery.
    4. enter the data for invoice if you wish the invoice to be issued and if the data differs from the data given for the collection purposes (if the VAT invoice is to be issued)
    5. click the Order and pay button
  4. The customer is obliged to correctly fill in the form necessary to place an order where correctly means filling in all the sections and giving the data that is accurate and in accordance with the facts. Otherwise Project Karma reserves the right to refuse order realization.
  5. Once the order has been placed, the customer will receive automatic confirmation that the order has been accepted.
  6. In case the ordered product is not available or the order cannot be realised, Project Karma will notify the customer via email or by telephone about the aforementioned circumstances and the order will be annulled in full and the payment will be returned.
  7. The order can be executed only after the payment has been registered on our account.


  1. All of the prices are given in PLN, including VAT tax and delivery cost.
  2. The customer pays for the ordered products and delivery cost via secure fast payment PayU service (which will redirect the customer to the website of the chosen bank). The payment mode is available in the cart after the order has been placed.
  3. Project Karma does not send products via cash on delivery, we do not accept payments in cash.
  4. In case clear identification of the payment is not possible due to any fault which is not on the part of the Internet Shop (particularly if the customer has used the wrong order number and product name), the Internet Shop is obliged to notify the customer of these reasons and at the same time to require the customer to give explanations in this matter. If the explanation given by the customer still does not make clear identification of the payment possible, the Internet Shop will inform the customer of this fact. However, the customer does not have the right to make claims towards the service provider resulting from the fact that the order has not been realized.

Order realization date and product delivery

  1. Once the order has been placed, Project Karma will confirm via email the date of the order realization (however, Project Karma will realize the order within the time frame no longer than the one given on the website for the given product, provided the payment has been made immediately). The delivery time is the time required to prepare the dish together with the time needed to deliver it to the collection point. The order realization time starts the moment the payment has been made by the customer.
  2. Each product is delivered together with a document that confirms the realization of the transaction (invoice/bill/receipt) as well as information required by the Act on Consumer Rights.
  3. Deliveries are realized from Monday to Friday.
  4. The delivery costs given on the web site refer to the Krakow region and the surrounding area. Depending on the destination, it is possible to arrange individually the costs and delivery to the place that is outside the aforementioned area. However, Project Karma may be unable to deliver the ordered product to the place outside the Krakow region and the surrounding area.
  5. The product is delivered through Project Karma to the following collection points:
  • Lodówkomat, ul. Księdza Prałata Mariana Łaczka 35, Kraków
  1. If the Client has selected home delivery, the product will be delivered within the time frame of no longer than 3 hours.

Product descriptions and photos

  1. The photos together with other forms of visualization and presentation of the products are mainly intended to be informative. As per fresh meals that are prepared to order, some of the products delivered may slightly differ from the corresponding products presented on the website menu.
  2. Differences in the appearance of the products, between the visualisation of the Product on the Internet Shop and on the customers computer resulting from individual computer settings (colour, proportion, etc..) cannot be a base of the customer complaint.

Rescission of the purchased product

  1. The customer cannot annul the order that has already been prepared, even if it hasn’t been delivered yet. In such case the order annulment will be considered ineffective.
  2. According to the article 38 of the Act “On consumer rights” from 30th of May 2017, the customer shall not be entitled to withdraw from a contract without providing any reason for such action as the contract applies to products which are liable to deteriorate and expire rapidly.
  3. If the customer has returned the product in a way that does not meet the requirements of the valid order annulment, Project Karma reserves the right to reject the product return as well as to refuse the payment return or to charge the customer with the legitimate costs in agreement with the existing legislation.


  1. Project Karma is obliged to deliver bought products without faults. In the event of a physical defect of a the product (which is when the sold product is not in agreement with the contract), the defect is attributed to Project Karma under warranty. Project Karma does not take responsibility under warranty for the product defects that are due to the customer’s fault or the defects that were caused by random events.
  2. Under warranty Project Karma takes responsibility for the product physical defect on condition that the defect is noticed within 24 months counting from the day when the product was issued to the client and providing that Project Karma is notified of such defect within 12 months since its discovery.
  3. Under warranty complaint needs to be raised immediately, within no more than the time defined in the Act 2 mentioned above, by sending an email to the following address: Within 14 calendar days Project Karma will answer the customer’s complaint under warranty and will notify the customer of the action by sending information via return email to the address from which the complaint was sent. The under warranty complaint needs to include personal data of the person or subject? making the complaint (name and surname or full name and contact details) as well as the reason for the complaint and the details of the recompensation demand. In order for Project Karma to consider the under warranty complaint the customer needs to provide the product or products that are the subject of the complaint together with the description of the complaint.
  4. In case of positive result of the complaint investigation, Project Karma will immediately replace the faulty product with the faultless one or will remove the fault.
  5. Project Karma does not accept any cash on delivery packages unless they have previously agreed to such action in writing.

Information provision on personal data protection

  1. The administrator of the personal data provided in the registration form is Projekt Karma Sp. z o.o., Kaszów 528, 32-060 Liszki, NIP: 9442262799, REGON: 38236803700000,  nr tel: +48 507 300 509, +48 601 069 649, e-mail: and (hereinafter referred to as “Projekt Karma”) hereinafter referred to as Data Administrator. Contact with the Administrator is possible via e-mail and telephone given above and via post).
  2. The Client using the online shop may provide in particular the following personal data: name, surname, company name, NIP number, address, email address and telephone number, device IP he/she uses. The Client provides their personal data voluntarily, however the Client’s decision not to provide their data may render it impossible for Projekt Karma to provide the Client with services online or for the Client to purchase any products in the online shop.
  3. The legal basis for the personal data processing of our Clients is the agreement between the Client and the Administrator hereinafter referred to as Agreement which is concluded once the Terms of Use have been accepted by the Client. Personal data processing is necessary in order to execute the Agreement.
  4. The gathered personal data is processed solely for the purpose of the execution of the Agreement and to enable Projekt Karma to start necessary activities prior to the Agreement conclusion. The personal data will be processed for the marketing purposes only if the Client gives their consent. Such consent may be revoked at any time.
  5. Personal data will be retained no longer than the time necessary, that is a) the time necessary to complete the agreement, b) the time required by tax or account regulations c) the time necessary to establish, enforce or protect any claims connected with the Agreement execution.
  6. The anticipated receivers of the data will be those entrusted with the data processing by the Administrator in terms of delivery service, accountancy, legal or IT service to the extent that is necessary for the data processing purposes.
  7. The Administrator has no intention of handing over the personal data of their Clients to any third state or any international organizations.
  8. The Client has the right to access and modify their personal data. They may also request for their data to be moved or erased as well as request that their personal data processing be limited.
  9. The Client has the right to make a complaint to the supervisory organ in case the data processing has been conducted in a way that is not in accordance with the regulations.
  10. The Administrator will not make any automated decisions regarding the Clients based on their personal data including the decisions that result from profiling.
  11. Projekt karma ensures the safety of the personal data thanks to appropriate technical and organizational means whose role is to prevent any illegal data processing as well as its accidental loss, impairment and damage. Projekt Karma in particular makes every effort to ensure that the data is processed correctly in accordance with the regulations and acquired solely for the well-defined purposes and not processed against these purposes. Projekt Karma seeks to ensure that the data is adequate, appropriate and not excessive, accurate and up-to-date, stored only for the time necessary and processed in accordance with the regulations and rights that the Client is entitled to including the law according to which the Client may reserve the right to make their data accessible. Projekt Karma will also make every effort to store the data safely and not to transfer the data without appropriate protection.
  12. For statistical and marketing purposes the Administrator uses the Facebook conversion pixel tool which thanks to the Facebook portal stores statistical data. The data may include the following activities of the users: displaying key websites, doing a search on the site, adding to the shopping cart, adding to the wishlist, proceeding to payment, adding information regarding the payment, making a purchase, taking interest in an offer, registration. The data on the users’ activities received by the Administrator from the Facebook portal is anonymized and does not include any additional information. Based on the received information the Administrator is not able to identify the users of the portal.
  13. More information on the Privacy policy and personal data protection can be found in the tab named Data protection policy.

Final conclusions

  1. The Terms of Use will be available to all customers on the web site Placing an order in the Internet Shop is tantamount to approval of this Rules and Regulations.
  2. The Terms of Use may be amended at any time. All amendments become binding the moment they have been published on the web site. Amendments to the Terms of Use do not affect negatively the customer’s rights and obligations related to the already realised service and the contracts in the process of being realised.
  3. If certain matters are not mentioned in the Terms of Use,the relevant legal provisions and regulations of the Republic of Poland will apply. If any discrepancy arises between the Terms of Use and the unconditional legal provisions, the legal provisions shall apply whereas the rest of the Terms of Use shall remain binding.
  4. Project Karma and the customer contracting the sale agreement of products will use their best efforts to resolve amicably any dispute arising from these Terms of Use as well as contents and performance of sale agreements of products. However, if the parties cannot settle their dispute amicably the matter should be submitted for arbitration to the court of general jurisdiction.
  5. Any copying of the photos and other graphic materials from the web site is forbidden as well as reprinting the texts available on the website and sharing them on the Internet. Furthermore, any third parties are forbidden to download the photos available on the pl  website and are also forbidden to use those photos for the marketing and trade purposes.